Monday, 21 December 2015

A big wrapped up finale.

Like an extra present that's fallen behind the tree, there's one last CAWU post and it's probably the best of the bunch. Movies and Christmas go together like Kevin McCallister and the Wet Bandits and fortunately for us, the creatives at Film 4 have gone big and wrapped up Christmas perfectly for us. Literally.

60 seconds of pure CAWU fun. 

Looks like Santa came through for us in the end. That, and his elf sized pal, Greg Mutton. Many thanks Greggybread for spotting this and restoring our faith in Christmas.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Probably the last wrapped up of the season

Well, I said it was slim pickings this year and it looks like (unless there's a massive surge of briefs coming in the last week - I pity the creatives if that's true) this could be the last CAWU of 2015.

Three lousy posts. Th-r-e-e. We've even had to look at social as an outlet.

Anyway, regardless of quantity, let's look at quality. And there's none to be found here from probably the best lager in the world. If the CGI designer had at least made half an attempt to make it look like it was real, then we'd have something to get excited about, but I fear this went straight into design from the client, courtesy of the account department because workflow said 'No'.

Perhaps we should start a JFDI blog.

But let's not finish on a low. There's a week to go and maybe a quick letter to the white bearded big guy might save CAWU 2015.

In other news, Hark the Herald Angels, my replacement fridge door bottle shelf has just arrived!

Maybe this is the last post.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dial C for Christmas

Slim pickings this year so far. I know December has only just started but we're usually on the wind down by now. Anyway, another repeat offender turned up last night and it was quite a relief to be honest. Please be upstanding and slow clap TESCO for coming good just when it mattered.

I have a slight issue with this ad. And that is...  who really gives a phone as a gift?

Imagine the scene on Christmas morning:

'Here's your present!'

<tears off Tesco Value Wrapping Paper>
'Oh wow! A phone. It's great, thank you!'

'It's only £49 a month for the next 24 months, you're very welcome'

That aside it looks like budgets have been cut this year, fortunately it the copywriter was still able to flex his creative muscle. If there was one, it looks like the Art Director 'phoned' it in (on his new Galaxy S6) pretty early on and who can blame him. 'Here's the images', they said 'but feel free to Christmas it up a bit.'

'Put 20% transparency on the snow flakes and send it to print.'

Many thanks to Mr Workman for rescuing CAWU this year.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

And we're off for 2015!

With #MoonHitler spying on kids for John Lewis, the launch of the Pret Christmas Sandwich (6/10) and glittery MSG being liberally sprinkled over all the supermarket's offerings, I was worried that Christmas All Wrapped Up had missed the launch of the festivities.

I'll be honest, I had begun to think that maybe the line had finally come to the end of its natural life as it's been all quiet in the CAWU house. Discussing this over a post-work pint last night, my phone buzzed gently and when I looked down an image appeared that would restore my faith with the advertising fraternity.

Thank heavens for Ascot.

Not only that, but it's a double-yolker for the Royal racecourse as this is the second year in a row that they've used those four lovely words. God bless you.

I'm hoping that 2015 will be our best CAWU year ever, but I have a feeling we might have been rumbled. Hope springs eternal though...

Keep 'em peeled people.

Many thanks to CAWU stalwart, James Devon for the text. And also @MsCheeseonToast for cutting it out and leaving it on the kitchen table for me when I got home.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Probably All Wrapped Up for 2014

Has it really been 2 and half weeks since we last posted a sighting? Doesn't time fly when clients want to brief in all their jobs in one go so they can essentially wash their hands of any work over Christmas?!?!?!

However, this site isn't to gripe about such nonsense, ours is to celebrate. And so, in (probably) our last post of the year, I'll quickly sum up the final CAWU sighting.

These guys were either late to the party or it simply passed us by until now. 

Green and red, a bow tied round the product, a wrapped up URL - only spoilt by the amount of copy the client has mandated that go with it. A solid 6 out of 10 - not awful but nowhere near the ORSM-ness of this year's Post Office offering. Fingers crossed we end on a more 'fantastical' CAWU but I think we may need to close the book on 2014. 

Thanks to everyone who kept 'em peeled and sent us the sightings, we couldn't do it without you.

Merry Xmas All Wrapped Up - see you in about 11 months...

The CAWU fraternity


Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Fat Faced Family Nightmare before Christmas

Probably the best fake family scene at Christmas we've ever seen.

Firstly, who lights candles on Christmas morning?

Now take a closer look at the shot. Does it have a bit of a sinister edge to it? For us, it almost gives the impression we're looking in at this perfect family scene as if we were a balaclava-wearing intruder who's just pushed the door open quietly and is about to about to ruin Christmas morning with a crowbar.

I can see it now. 20 minutes later and the family are literally 'all wrapped up' with gaffer tape to chairs. Gagged and crying, we pick up a candle and use it to torch the house before scampering out the door with all their Fatface knitwear and pyjamas.

We've all seen the countless 'You've Been Framed' home videos of Christmas morning and know it's nothing like this. The tears of disappointment, the fake 'I love it' looks from wives to husbands - this isn't Christmas from any land we're aware of - apart from Adland.

And that's the point.

This one definitely sells the sizzle of Christmas and not the sausage. Not sure how Christmas is 'all wrapped up' in this one but we've got so 'wrapped up' in the backstory, it doesn't really matter any more - unless there's a stylish knitted garment for every Christmas item.

A slightly darker CAWU today - must be the weather, the darkness setting in at 3pm and the sodding cold I've been trying to shake for a week.

Just promise us you won't leave any windows or doors unlocked on Christmas Eve night!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

All Wrapped Up Norf'

Every time I look at this all I see is a woman holding a Lightsaber.

I imagine a lot of Art Directors will be shaking their heads at the positioning of the type - and rightly so.  It does look a bit 'plonked' on and it's a not the easiest thing to read from distance. And as far as a Christmassy vibe goes, the woman's not exactly full of festive cheer or spirit. I've seen that look before from Mrs CAWU and I can tell you it's more like 'Stop leaving the f**king cupboard doors open!'

I suppose it is snowing but not sure exactly why she's in an underpass - perhaps it's to highlight the homeless at this time of year. A noble cause. I had to get 'Big Coat' out today it was so cold. So thanks 'Blacks' for bringing this to my attention. I'm going to pop a quid in a homeless person's cup this Christmas - providing there's no meths or Brew L'Special residing in the receptacle, that is.

Big love to our friend Richard Barnes in the North for taking the snap.